Are you:

  • A small business owner struggling with cash flow?

  • Having to take money out of your personal accounts to put into your business?

  • The last person who seems to get paid in your business and then only if there is some left over?

If you don’t get the cash flow challenges of your business sorted now, there is every probability that as your business grows, you will eventually run out of cash. 

Poor business cash flow is one of the top five reasons that 70 percent of small businesses go out of business within the first 3 years. That’s over 75 million small businesses failing across the world! And that impacts not just on the business owner but their family, their employees, and their whole community.

We can fix business cash flow.

There are some very simple steps required to make sure that you have sustainable cash flow ready to help you grow your business so that you can have the business, lifestyle and impact you have always imagined.

Course curriculum

7 easy steps for business owners to generate Cash Flow Success

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the Course!

  2. 2
    • Introduction to the Revenue Levers

    • Increasing Prices

    • Increasing Volume

    • Quiz

  3. 3
    • Introduction to Profit Levers

    • Decreasing Cost of Sales

    • Decreasing Overheads

    • Calculating Break Even Point

    • Quiz

  4. 4
    • Introduction to Timing Levers

    • Increasing Creditor Days

    • Decreasing Debtor Days

    • Decreasing Work In Progress Days

    • Decreasing Stock Turnover Days

    • Quiz

  5. 5
    • Review

    • Business Model

    • Cash Flow Timeline and Pricing Strategy

    • Playbook Walk Through

    • Feedback Form

    • Quiz

  6. 6
    • A Message from Deborah

    • Next Course Preview

  7. 7
    • Bonus Ebook

What You'll Achieve

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Build your cash flow plan that you can use to keep you cash flow positive

  • Create your sales plan for the next quarter of a year

  • Check to see your products and services are profitable with our break even calculator

  • Set your pricing strategy to have the money coming in, hanging around to play for a little while before it has to go out

  • Learn how to set your business up for success so you can have the business, lifestyle and impact you always imagined.

  • Implement the great tips on improving cash flow in your business


FREE downloadable chapters of this ebook by Sarah McCrum plus a FREE PLAYBOOK from Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Sarah’s comments about her book: A couple of weeks ago I sent out a single question survey about your relationship with money and received lots of responses. The biggest thing I discovered is that the majority of people are experiencing "not enough" and they want more. There was not enough money to pay the bills, not enough to treat myself from time to time, not enough to buy organic food, not enough to give to the charities I choose, not enough to grow my business, not enough to invest in my business, not enough impact.
Love Money, Money Loves you E-book by Sarah McCrum

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    This course is inclusive of the full curriculum, playbooks, certificate, and a gift!


What clients are saying


Simona Fornarino said,

For the first time in my life, numbers (and money!) did not look dangerous to me! Deborah is absolutely amazing at making what is complex approachable and understandable. Moreover, she is fully present with her clients and creates motion and connection easily.


VLynn Hawkins said,

Not only does Deborah help you understand how to see growth through the numbers, she helps you see where you play into that growth through the work you do and what could possibly be holding you back. She is great at shifting your mindset to see a different vantage point for the growth of your business and she does it with love, patience, and power!


Anna-Marie Adjei said,

It was really insightful and helpful for getting me to look at my business in a new way. Thank you Deborah for your input and simple explanations that helped me understand some of the basics of accounting that I've been struggling to get my head around for years!


Deborah Harris

Passionate philanthropist, speaker and entrepreneur. Deborah has a fun and engaging approach to explaining cash flow and simplifying business finances. As founder and Director of Grow CFO, Deborah and her Chief Financial Officer team grow the strategic financial capabilities of purpose-driven businesses by creating the key strategies to maximise revenue, profit and cash flow available for growth. As a Master Trainer for the Entrepreneur’s Institute and 3 time best-selling author, Deborah simplifies finances for the entrepreneur and their teams. Why? Because people with the courage to start their own business and provide opportunities for others around them deserve to have the very best advice and support.


  • What if I’m bad with numbers?

    You don’t have to be good with numbers to make strong positive cash flow in your business. We’ll show you some quick simple ways to check in on what is going on in your business without you having to be an accountant to work out what to do.

  • What if I only have a limited time to finish the course?

    Take it from someone who's been where you are: “I learnt more in the last 2 weeks from Deborah than I did in my whole MBA” Hugh, New Zealand.

  • Will the course be full of spreadsheets? Because I find them boring and confusing.

    Deborah has a fun and engaging approach to explaining cash flow and simplifying business finances. You won’t be focusing on spreadsheets, we promise!

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