Build the Business, Lifestyle and Impact you’ve always wanted with the joy of beautiful cash flow.

Ever wondered why you can make great sales and still have no money in the bank account? 


Want to generate great cash flow in your business so it comes in, hangs around and plays with you for a while before it goes out?


Almost 70% of small and medium businesses fail in the first 3 years. One of the top 5 reasons is poor cash flow.

Throughout this course, you'll receive templates and tips to make sure you understand cash flow and profit. You'll complete the course ready with your plan to create the ideal lifestyle with all the pieces of the puzzle, your pricing and volume, how to work out your costs, and whether a product or service is viable. Work out how and when the money is flowing in and out of your business.

Our vision for our students

We want to make sure every one of our students has access to great education programs that help to:

  • Really understand what drives the cash flow of the business

  • Make the business grow into the future and have enough money to sustain it, and

  • Track and measure everything they need to know about their business and personal finances

What You'll Achieve as an Enrolee

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Connect your vision to your budget

  • Plan your ideal cash flow timeline

  • Create a rolling plan for the next quarter and year

Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • What you need now, what you want and the plan to get there

    • The Pretty Green Spreadsheet

    • Here and Now

    • 5 Year Vision Plan

    • Plan It

  3. 3
    • Your Model and Your Products

    • Ideal Business

    • Your Ideal Business Model

    • In The Mix

  4. 4
    • Costs and Breaking Even

    • Cost of Sales

    • Overheads

    • Break Even

  5. 5
    • Cash Flow Timeline

    • Timeline

  6. 6
    • A review and setting sales targets

    • Sales Targets

  7. 7
    • The Final Cash Flow

    • Cash Flow is Reality

    • Quiz

  8. 8
    • A Thank You from Deb, and Next Actions

    • A Call to Action

    • Next Course Preview

    • Course Feedback


Free Personal Budget Planner

Personal Budget Planner by Deborah Harris

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What clients are saying


Bill Barbour said,

Deborah has a great way of presenting in a manner that focuses on the practical steps that need to be taken to get the financials of one's venture flowing smoothly. The Workbooks are really helpful. She excels in providing great practical examples for three types of businesses - product, service, and online. I am delighted to recommend Deborah.


Moira Ni Ghallachoir said,

I am always so impressed by Deborah's energy, passion and dedication to helping entrepreneurs manage their finances.


Roberto Suarez said,

The structure and coaching allowed me to uplift my Branding, Content, and Flow. I can't wait for my new will be inspiring to all potential clients. Thanks Deborah for your powerful listening and coaching.


Deborah Harris

Passionate philanthropist, speaker and entrepreneur. Deborah has a fun and engaging approach to explaining cash flow and simplifying business finances. As founder and Director of Grow CFO, Deborah and her Chief Financial Officer team grow the strategic financial capabilities of purpose-driven businesses by creating the key strategies to maximise revenue, profit and cash flow available for growth. As a Master Trainer for the Entrepreneur’s Institute and 3 time best-selling author, Deborah simplifies finances for the entrepreneur and their teams. Why? Because people with the courage to start their own business and provide opportunities for others around them deserve to have the very best advice and support.


  • What if I’m bad with numbers?

    You don’t have to be good with numbers to make strong positive cash flow in your business. We’ll show you some quick simple ways to check in on what is going on in your business without you having to be an accountant to work out what to do.

  • What if I only have a limited time to finish the course?

    Take it from someone who's been where you are: “I learnt more in the last 2 weeks from Deborah than I did in my whole MBA” Hugh, New Zealand.

  • Will the course be full of spreadsheets? Because I find them boring and confusing.

    Deborah has a fun and engaging approach to explaining cash flow and simplifying business finances. You won’t be focusing on spreadsheets, we promise!

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